Certifications Pure Rest Organics

Natural Rubber Oeko-Tex Certification

Included is the Oeko-Tex Certification for our natural rubber. Our rubber is Dunlop Processed and tested to 100 parts per billion(.1mg/kg detection limit) for chemicals.

Natural Rubber Eco-Institut Cerfication

Included is the Eco-Institut Certification for our natural rubber. Our rubber is Dunlop Processed and tested to 100 parts per billion(.1mg/kg detection limit) for chemicals.

Pure Rest Arpico Rubber Test Results

3rd Party Lab Test Results for our all natural Arpico Rubber(Which is a sister company to Latex Green). This Lab Test Results test to 100 parts per billion (or a .1 mg/kg detection limit).Please note the test results are shown in two different formats. The first format includes the dilution factor of 20 when noting the detection limit. The second format shows the actual detection limit tested to. (5 to 100 parts per billion depending on the item)

PureRest Rubber Arpico MSDS

Here is the MSDS for our rubber. Please note the rubber additive is purely natural zinc oxide(a mineral mined in India) which is used to keep the natural rubber more stable. The natural zinc oxide is crushed to micro particle size, not nano.

Organic Wool Processing Certification

This is the Certification by Oregon Titlh for the Wool Processing of all our wool items(Ecowool and certified) and a letter by oregon tilth  showing that the processing is still certified organic even past the original certification expiration date and will continue to be certified.

Wool Oeko-Tex Test Results

Oeko-tex test results for our wool.

Oeko-Tex Wool Certification

Oeko-Tex Certfication for our wool.

Organic Cotton Certificate

Certified Organic Cotton Raw Material. Please note all organic cotton batting we have purchased, we purchased before the expiration date so this would be valid.

Organic Damask/Knit Fabrics GOTS Cert.

GOTS certificate for our 100% organic cotton damask fabric and for our 100% organic cotton knit fabric.

Organic Cotton USA GOTS Certification

This is the certification for our organic cotton sateen outer fabric, organic cotton sateen 280TC sheets & pillowcases, organic coon natural flannel s and pillowcases, organic Also included the certification for the processing(hydrogen

Yarn USDA Certification

This is the USDA organic certification for the organic cotton yarns used to make the organic cotton sateen 280TC, organic cotton natural flannel, organic cotton natural waffle weave, organic cotton natural crepe weave, and organic cotton chenille weave blanket and sheet fabrics.

Barrier Fabric

100% Certified Organic Cotton is used in making our barrier fabric.

Barrier Fabric Lab Results

Organic Cotton Barrier Fabric test results for usage as a barrier fabric showing it is an effective allergen barrier including dust mites.

Kapok Phytosanitary Certificate

This is the Certification to show the Kapok is clean of any pests and that when brought over here to North America it was NOT sprayed with any chemicals or treatments.

Organic Rubber GOLS

GOLS Certification for our Organic Rubber.

Organic Cotton Needle Punched Batting

Organic certification for the organic cotton needle punched batting used in our organic cotton quilted pads.