Frequently Asked Questions - Vivetique


Q. What is your policy on materials?

A. We pledge to use only natural and/or certified organic materials in the manufacture of our products. We refuse to include materials that use synthetic chemicals; and never use petroleum- or other chemical-based materials either as base or filler products. We are proud of our relationships with materials brokers who source only the purest materials possible.

Q. Where are your materials from?

A. Our organic cotton is sourced from American farmers, mostly in California, but sometimes from Texas and Mississippi. Our 100% Natural Dunlap latex is from Sri Lanka and our 100% Natural Talalay latex is from Belgium. As 100% Natural latex grows in popularity, we plan to partner with domestic producers of latex when it becomes cost effective.

Q. Regarding latex, what is the difference between "100% Natural" and "Certified Organic"?

A. Both designations are similar in that both mean that no man-made chemicals have been used in the growing process. "Certified Organic" simply means an independent 3rd party has inspected and attested to that fact. All the plantations we partner with are in the process of transitioning from "100% Natural" to "Certified Organic", a process that takes at least three years.

Q. What is Pure Grow Wool? Why not Organic Wool?

A. We are experts in organic and natural materials and we believe that our Pure Grow Wool product and system is superior to organic wool. Only sourced from California, Oregon and Washington ranches, Pure Grow Wool comes from sheep who are not only fed organic feed, but are also free range and raised in a cruelty-free environment. Our partner ranchers are land stewards, which means that not only is the wool a sustainable material, but the ranching itself is healthy for the land and the ecosystem. Pure Grow Wool is a trademarked product owned by Vivetique Sleep Systems and applies to all mentions of the product throughout this website.

Q. What other sustainability measures are in your factory?

A. We are constantly striving to improve our environmental impact here at our facility. All of our foundations and box springs are made with Forest Stewardship Council certified wood. All of our inner-spring coils are made of recycled metal. We use paper-free invoicing and we recycle paper in our office and factory. Our shipping supplies are recycled and bio-degradable cardboard and recycled plastic. We are a styrofoam-free factory. We partner with the Mattress Recycling Council when removing customers' old mattresses. Our workers all earn a living wage and work in a safe and clean environment.

Q. What should consumers look for when shopping for organic bedding?

A. "Green-washing" or using meaningless terms that SOUND good is a serious problem in our industry. Words like "Eco" or "Green" can be attached to anything without consequences. Many mainstream manufacturers say they sell an "organic mattress" because one layer of the product is organic and the rest is petroleum-based materials. Only individual materials inside a product can be certified at the moment--not finished products. Regarding latex, a manufacturer may legally call their product "Natural Latex" when only 30% of the latex is natural. The rest is usually benzene and styrene. Always look for 100% Natural Latex or certified organic products. Every mattress, by law, must have a tag listing it's component materials. Some terms for synthetic materials you may want to avoid are: acetate, polyurethane, polystyrene, polyethylene, polyamide, rayon, polyester, viscose, synthetic polymers, benzene and styrene.

Q. Do you use any man-made chemicals or petroleum-based materials in your products?

A. No. The Natural Bedroom is strongly committed to a true, natural and organic sleep experience. We never use any materials made from petroleum, polyester, polyurethanes, or anything man-made. Our base materials, our support materials, our threads and piping are all natural and/or organic.