Frequently Asked Questions - Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth

Q. Do your sheets pill or comforters and pillows lump?

A. No, our sheets are guaranteed to never pill, discolor, or shred. If they did we would replace them. Our comforter and pillow fill will also never divide or shift like down feather.

Q. What’s the difference between the bamboo comforter and the silk comforter? Which one  should I choose?

A. Each comforter wicks moisture, sleeps significantly less humid, and degrees cooler. They’re also both hypoallergenic. The difference is general feel and personal preference. Do you prefer and fluffy down feeling comforter over you with a larger profile? If so, go with the silk it’s extremely luxurious, puffier, and mushier. Do you prefer a thinner profile with something over you to cuddle you up but not a lot going on? The Bamboo comforter has a thinner profile, it like a super soft quilt-style and perfect for those who want something over them that is never going to get too hot.

Q. I noticed your Cozy Earth products are a bit more expensive than others out there, what’s the difference?

A. From a practical point of view, Cozy Earth fabrics are noticeably softer, longer lasting, and better at regulating temperature than competing products. It’s a difference you can feel in any side by side comparisons, even when compared to other bamboo sheets, we are the experts. We invest more in working directly with every single supplier from seed to sheet. This means we personally know and regularly converse with the farmers, the fiber producers, the yarn makers and weavers, treatment facilities, bag makers, label makers…and so on. This access is unprecedented in the bedding industry and it allows us to make unique and better products that will never pill, shred, discolor, or change feel in washing. It’s premium-quality luxury bedding, acutely managed from start to finish. In addition, we place a premium on only using products that are certified and tested free of harmful chemicals. We authenticate our 100% Viscose from Bamboo Content to ensure no blends or other wood fibers are used. We personally ensure working conditions and fair labor practices. Our fiber process is patented, recycles water, and does not release waste into the environment. We avoid the use of caustic chemicals unlike like the rest out there and we invest in the education of government and trade officials in the most up to date practices and responsible practices in the industry. The result is the softest and highest quality bamboo fabric, fiber, and silk made today.

Q. What are the benefits of your bamboo?

A. No, all bamboo sheets the same. Similar to other textiles, there is every type of quality from terrible to unbelievably great. So, resist the urge judge Cozy Earth as just another “bamboo sheets” company. We only focus on producing the “unbelievably great” and avoid everything else. This is part of what has helped us develop a fiercely loyal customer base. We can’t speak for the other companies’ bamboo, but we have gone to great lengths through certifications and first-hand verifications that our bamboo fabric and fiber is naturally hypoallergenic, inhospitable to bed bugs, dust mites, and bacteria. It is also temperature regulating, by wicking moisture when you sleep. Under our bedding, you sleep at least 50% less humid and 2-3 degrees cooler.

Q. How does it repel bacteria?

A. Bacteria likes moisture and our sheets and comforters don’t retain moisture like cotton. They also, been tested to be inhospitable to bacteria such as streptococcus. You know how your clothes get damp when you sweat? Cotton and down feather bedding gets damp too when you sweat at night. That moist environment is the perfect climate for bacteria to thrive. Cozy Earth bedding doesn’t retain that humidity, it’s more breathable, and cleaner.

Q. What's the difference between the All Season Weight and the Winter Weight comforters? Which one should I choose?

A. Most people find the All Season Weight to be the perfect temperature and weight. It reduces humidity that makes us feel too hot or cold and instead stays warm, dry, and cozy all night long.

For those customers who are extremely cold-natured, live in a drafty home, sleep with the thermostat below 60 degrees, or live in a particularly cold climate like Norway may want to consider a Winter Weight Comforter since it has 30% more filling and has a nice bump of insulation for those chilly situations.

Q. How do I put on the duvet cover? How is yours easier?

A. Our duvet covers are super easy to put on, you just need to know the trick.

First, all of our duvet covers come with handy snap ties at the corners and midpoints that perfectly match up to anchor loops on our comforters. Once you secure them, the comforter will never shift or move inside the duvet cover.

Second, for the easiest way to put on the duvet cover follow the steps below:

1. Turn duvet cover inside out and lay it on the bed with the opening at the top of the bed.

2. Lay your comforter on top.

3. Connect all ties from the duvet cover to the matching loops on the comforter.

4. Start and the bottom and roll the comforter and the connected duvet cover towards the opening of the duvet cover at the top of the bed.

5. Once you're rolled all the way up to the duvet cover opening, reach inside the opening, grab the entire roll and pull it through the opening and then unroll it.

6. Your duvet cover is now right-side out and the comforter is secure on the inside.