Frequently Asked Questions - Heart of Vermont




Our washable bedding is made oversized to accommodate the shrinkage that occurs with the use of 100% Organic Cotton. Therefore, we always recommend that you wash your bedding before you use it. Washing Instructions Machine wash and dry. Please use environmentally safe detergents and softeners. Vinegar makes a wonderful environmentally safe fabric softer. No Chlorine Bleach!


Our "stuffed" items (futons, comforters, pillows) are not washable. We sell covers for all these items, as well as barrier cloth protectors. If you find that you do need to clean your non-washable item we recommend spot cleaning the item. Try to keep it as dry as possible as you don't want the moisture to collect inside and cause mold. Once you have cleaned the spot lay it out to dry. "Sunbaking" is a cleaning technique which utilizes the UV rays from the sun to clean and sanitize your items. This is a wonderful technique to use whenever possible. Set the item out in direct sunlight in a closed, but not air tight black bag (air tight bag can have moisture accumulate on the insides) and let it sit for a few hours. The black bag will attract the UV rays and help speed the process along, but if you can't use a bag letting the item sit out in the sun will still help clean and sanitize it and it will smell wonderful when you bring it back inside.


Many of our items say that a doctor's prescription is required in order to buy them. This is because federal law states that a doctor's prescription is required to sell any sleep surface (i.e., futon, mattress, topper) without flame retardants. NONE of our products have flame retardants or any chemicals at all used on them at any time. However, as wool is a naturally occurring flame retardant, a doctor's prescription is not required for our all-wool or our wool & cotton sleep surfaces.

A doctor's prescription can be obtained by any professional person who is legally allowed to write prescriptions. There is no form we require, just a note or an RX saying that the customer, or someone in their immediate family/household, is allowed to have a sleep surface without flame retardants. Any words to this effect will be accepted. If you have any trouble obtaining a doctor's prescription, please let us know.


When your order is ready to ship it will be folded (or rolled and secured with fabric straps) and then wrapped in brown kraft paper before being boxed. The boxes we use are doubled walled to prevent damage during transit and are securely taped to keep them closed and lessen the odors that seep in through the open spaces. We don’t use plastic wrapping unless expressly asked to do so, because many of our customers have sensitivities to plastic. For our more severely sensitive customers we offer a “fabric wrap” prior to the kraft paper for a small fee.