Washing & Product Care - Vivetique


What do I do when I receive my new bedding?

You may be excited to go straight to sleep on your new bedding, but it's best to air out your mattress or bedding after removing all the shipping material.  Because our materials don't go through harsh bleaching or other chemical processes, the finished products sometimes have a natural scent. This is normal and will dissipate after airing out. The time this takes will vary on your personal taste and environment.

How do I maintain my new mattress?

In order to get the longest usage from your new mattress, we recommend one of our mattress toppers. For regular upkeep, it's best to vacuum and air out your mattress periodically. Also, you should rotate and flip your mattress as needed (if you have a layered latex mattress, only turn, don't flip mattress.) When turning or flipping mattress, always make sure you have someone helping you when needed.

How do I wash my new bedding?

Because of the nature of our materials, you shouldn't machine wash any of our products. We recommend pillowcases and duvet covers for our pillows and comforters. If you need to spot clean your mattress or topper, we ask that you give us a call to find out about your specific product and health needs.